Freerunning in Breda (group activity)

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  • Active and Sports, Children's parties
  • € 16.50 per person
  • Koepelgevangenis
Freerunning in Breda (group activity)

On arrival, the freerunning instructor will first take you around the solitary confinement cells in the old prison. This is where you get started. The first half an hour will be spent in the old courtyard, focusing on basic skills, balance and general fitness. Afterwards, the whole group will go into Breda to try and get from A to B in the most inventive way possible.

How inventive are you in getting from A to B?

During the freerunning workshop, you will work with a sports instructor to creatively tackle obstacles around the city. Do you have the guts to jump off high walls, climb into trees or hang off a lamppost?
Release your inner child and play! What a great opportunity to get your staff off their seats and get active!

Je start op de luchtplaats van de Koepelgevangenis, daarna heb je een leuke tocht door het park Valkenberg in Breda, Pier15 (freerunparcours), het station en het centrum van Breda. De tocht kan in overleg.
De te bezoeken plekken zijn afhankelijk van het niveau van de deelnemers. Afhankelijk van het niveau wordt bekeken welke plekken u bezoekt in Breda.

The workshop starts in the courtyard of the dome prison, after which you will follow a playful route around the Valkenberg park, Pier 15 (freerunning trail), the station and the city center. The exact route will be determined depending on the group.
We will consider the level of the participants to determine which places in Breda are appropriate for the group to visit.

Duration: around 1.5 hours

Group size:
  • Minimum group size: 6 people
  • Maximum group size: 50 people
  • Experienced instructor (1 per 20 participants)
  • Tour around the solitary confinement cells.
  • 1 drink + piece of fruit
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Per person € 16.50
Children's party (from 7 years old) € 14.50 per child
Administration fee € 15.00 per booking
Please note! Reservation required.

Nassausingel 26
4811 DG Breda

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Reservations department VVV Breda
Tel. 0900-5222 444


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