Bishop’s Palace

Bisschoppelijk Paleis

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Bishop’s Palace

Hendrik Montens had a “hofhuis” (a house for noblemen) built during the beginning of the fifteenth century.  Montens was an important man at the time. During his time working for Hendrik III as a steward and adviser he commissioned the planting of the Mastbos forest south of Breda. His other duties included his work as a bailiff in Breda.

After the big fire in 1534, Montens had the house rebuilt and decorated, most likely in the late-Gothic style. However, most of the building as it is today bears little relation to that period, reminding mostly of an eighteenth-century mansion. This is because the house was renovated in 1724 by Reynier van der Bleke, a lieutenant-general working for the Dutch Parliament and governor van Sluis.

The enormous building was bought by Breda’s diocese in 1859, serving as the bishop’s place of residence. In popular speech the house is referred to as the Bishop’s Palace. It’s the only “hofhuis” in Breda that is still used entirely as a private home.

A gothic staircase from the sixteenth century is situated in the palace. There’s an enormous garden at the back of the building.

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Veemarktstraat 46
4811 ZG Breda


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