Brewery de Witte Leeuw

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  • Bierbrouwerij de Witte Leeuw
Brewery de Witte Leeuw

Although this building is fairly hidden, its height gives it a prominent presence at the Harbor. The area used to be a bustling part of Breda with the harbor, warehouses and several beer breweries all situated here. The building was used by Brewery de Witte Leeuw from 1613 up until World War I. Its entrance is located in a small lane, which was typical for buildings in Breda during this period. Those who look closely will notice these lanes all round the city, although most of them are now closed off.

The brewing process in Brewery de Witte Leeuw was organized vertically, starting at the top in the dry attic and finishing in the cool cellar downstairs where the kegs were stored. This was one of Breda’s last remaining breweries.

Between 1967 and 2004, the famous music bar ‘t Klapcot was based in the building. Here, they played music that had not yet been accepted by other bars in Breda, like Bob Dylan, The Eagles and The Rolling Stones. ‘t Klapcot quickly became an essential part of the local music scene.

After an extensive renovation, a new restaurant opened its doors in 2006, utilizing all four floors of the building.

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Haven 21a
4811 WL Breda


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