Catharinastraat 20

Catharinastraat 20

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Catharinastraat 20

This house was built shortly after the big fire in 1534. These kinds of houses were built at the time to house noble families and are called ‘hofhuizen’. Catharinastraat 20 was home to a bastard son of count Hendrik III van Nassau.

The front gables on Catharinastraat 18 and 20 are so different that it’s hard to imagine they used to form one building. However, the similarities between the window openings and the different floor levels give it away. The building was split in two in 1662.

Catharinastraat 18 has a sober, plaster gable with a cornice. During a renovation in 1996, the medieval stone column was brought back out. Traces of the old age of the building are now visible again.

Catharinastraat 20 has a brickstone gable with a cornice, dating from 1849. The distinct window frames make this gable a lot less sober than the house next door.

The interior still gives away plenty of clues to the medieval history of the house. Apart from the cellars with barrel vaults, there’s a cellar kitchen with a large gothic fireplace.

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Catharinastraat 20
4811 XH Breda

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