Chassé Barracks


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Chassé Barracks

The Chassé Barracks traditionally was the main building of the extensive military complex on the east side of the city. It was built in 1898-1899 with turrets, merlons and fake gun shot holes to give it a military outlook.

Breda was a garrison town for a long time. The Royal Military Academy and the many barracks around the city were an important source of income for the local middle class.

The barracks was named after general David Hendrik baron Chassé (1765-1849), who was mostly known for this defense of the citadel of Antwerp against the French in 1849. Eventually he was forced to give up the citadel. Chassé died in 1849 in Breda and was buried in the cemetery of Ginneken.

The concrete structures that were used in the barracks were modern at the time it was built. As Breda didn’t have electricity until 1918, the building was initially lit with gas lighting.

The barracks ceased to be a military building in 1993. After serving as an asylum center, the Chassé Barracks was transformed in 1998. The building now houses the Breda’s Museum, the City Archive and the archeological depot of the local government.

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