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de Beyerd (monuments route)

A guest house used to be located here, just outside of the eastern city gate. The guest house served to give shelter to those in need, initially the poor and ill and eventually also those with mental health issues and the elderly.

An ‘Old Men’s house’ (Oudemannenhuis) was added to the guest house later on. The Oudemannenhuis was renovated in 1643 by stonemason Laurens Drijfhout. A classicist gable was added to the front of the building. There are two sculptures of old men above the entry gate.

The guest house mostly took in men who were from the local area and whose behavior was irreproachable. The Oudemannenhuis was not a nursing home. The men were responsible for the household chores and help each other out. Some of the nineteenth-century rules might seem a little strange now; four men had to share one plate and they were not allowed to go out wearing clogs as this would badly affect the reputation of the house.

The building was used as an elderly home until 1954, after which it became Cultural Center De Beyerd and eventually a museum.

The former Oudemannenhuis has been transformed into the Graphic Design Museum since 2008. It now houses the national museum for graphic design. There are no traces of the former guest house.

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Boschstraat 22
4811 GH Breda


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