Former fish market


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Former fish market

The Fish Market in Breda used to be one of the most striking places of the city. Until the railway was built, this was the place of arrival for many visitors traveling by boat. After a big fire in 1490, a square was built here; the Fish market. A crane was placed here to help unload the ships. When the old city walls were taken down between 1537 and 1538, the square was opened up to the Mark river. The local government made a conscious effort to have some beautiful architecture built around the square.
Before the Old Post Office was built, the white building with a small tower, a Weigh House was situated in its place, which had been there since 1644.

There used to be two fish markets by the harbor, one for freshwater fish and one for saltwater fish. The one that is still there today, the former saltwater fish market, was built between 1744 and 1831 and is now used as an indoor terrace.

After the railway was built and the amount of visitors traveling by boat greatly declined, the Harbor lots it liveliness and became rather unsafe. The Harbor reopened after an extensive renovation in 2007 and went back to being the beautiful, sociable place it used to be.

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Haven 21a,
4811 WL Breda


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