‘Het Wit Lam’ or ‘Vleeshal’

'Het Wit Lam' of 'Vleeshal'

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‘Het Wit Lam’ or ‘Vleeshal’

A new meat market started on the Grote Markt in 1615. This ‘Vleeshal’ was the main place in the city where meat was sold. The former Vleeshal was located on the corner of the Oude Vest and the Halstraat. The latter still refers to that. The Vleeshal was built to represent the ambitions of Breda, hence its impressive architectural presence in the heart of the city.

The front gable was renewed in 1772. This number can be found below the wooden Saint Joris sculpture and the dragon at the top of the gable. The gate originates from 1615 and was reused. Elements of the gable refer to the function of the building, like the ram’s head and the cow’s heads with sausages. Placed centrally above the entrance is the weapon of Breda, with a crossbow right above it. The crossbow refers to the Saint Joris guild, an archer’s guild that used one of the rooms at the top of the building in 1617.

The Vleeshal was turned into a butter market in 1861. After serving as a museum during the twentieth century, the building has been used as a restaurant for several years now.

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Grote Markt 19
4811 XL Breda


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