Hofhuis van Wijngaerde

Hofhuis van Wijngaerde

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Hofhuis van Wijngaerde

Huis Wijngaerde was hit by fire several fires. After the last fire in 1580, the remains of the house were left untouched for a long time. Most houses weren’t rebuilt straight away because of the Eighty Years’ War. 

Nobleman Hendrik van Wijngaerden, who was connected to the courtship of the Nassau family, had a new house built on the grounds in 1614. The gable is not the same on both sides, this is because the left part of the house was built using recycled materials from the old house. The Van Wijngaerde family weapon can be seen above the round stone gate, with a lion on either side. 

The grapes that can be seen on the gable in several places refers to the name of the owner, literally meaning ‘of Vineyard’.

The interior was radically renovated and the beautiful fireplace that is depicted in the image above was covered with plasterboard. 

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