Huis ‘de Arent’

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Huis ‘de Arent’

On the northeastern corner on the Havermarkt, there’s a sixteenth century house called ‘De Arend’. Important houses in striking places, like street corners, were named to distinguish them from the normal houses. These name were usually simple so everyone, including illiterates, could understand the symbol.

Breda suffered two massive fires in 1490 and in 1534. Large parts of the city that comprised mostly of wooden houses, were destroyed. After this, many people started building houses out of stone, some were even ordered to do so by the local government.

Although most houses around the city have been renovated over the years, much of the medieval framework still remains. The front gable was considered the face of the building and the hefty gable on De Arend has surprisingly been kept in good condition all these years. The gable was modernized during the nineteenth century with a cornice and plastering work.

De Arend’s characteristic gable was even immortalized as scale model number 77 in the famous collection of Delfts blue gin bottles owned by KLM. The eagle was added onto the gable during a renovation in 1962.

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