Huis ‘de Drie Moren’

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Huis ‘de Drie Moren’

A stone house was built on this location even before the big fire in 1490. Unfortunately, it could not be saved during this time and the fire completely destroyed it. After the house was rebuilt, the existing stone side walls were reused. Contrary to common belief, stone houses, although they were not as severely damaged as wooden houses, certainly were not resistant to big fires.

In those days, important houses were named to distinguish them for the ‘normal’ houses. ‘Moren’ is a medieval word that was used to describe Africans. An inn was located in the house between 1626 and 1702.

The current resident is responsible for the upkeep of the house. He’s an artist working on the border of architecture and art. In Breda he is mostly known for designing the ‘Hoge’ Bridge by the Harbour (former Fish Market, Spanjaardsgat) and the glass ridge turret on the casino (Kloosterkazerne).

A thrilling youth novel based around the Drie Moren Inn including real historical facts came out in 2004.

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Visserstraat 21
4811 WG Breda


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