Huis Ocrum

Huis Ocrum

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Huis Ocrum

Huis Ocrum owes its name to nobleman Jean de Hocron, a former member of the royal court of Hendrik III van Nassau. After the fire in 1534, he had a new house built on top of the remains of the old building. The gable on the front of the house was added during a radical renovation at the end of the nineteenth century, matching the neo-renaissance style that was popular at the time.

The oldest parts of Huis Ocrum date from just after the fire in 1534. The enormous building has had many purposes in its time. Huis Ocrum and the neighboring Huis Hersbeek were merged and split several times. Traces of this can still be found, like various covered passageways.

The building has served as a monastery, embassy, royal residence, military stockroom, orphanage and art school. Nowadays, it is part of ‘Nieuwe Veste’, a cultural center and library. The modern addition to the building was designed in 1996 by Herman Hertzberger. A centuries-old mulberry tree was saved in the former garden during the renovation. The sweet raspberry-like fruits used to be in high demand.

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St. Janstraat 18
4811 ZN Breda

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