Huis Snellen

Huis Snellen

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Huis Snellen

On the Catharinastraat, right by the Castle of Breda, there are several “hofhuizen”, which were inhabited by noblemen who worked for the Nassau family.

The buildings on Catharinastraat 14 and 16 together used to be ‘Huis Snellen’. After the fire in 1534, this was the first building to be rebuilt on the Catharinastraat, which was called the Katerstraat at the time. A courtyard was added during the renovation, designed based on the renaissance-style courtyard of the Castle of Breda. This courtyard is now part of the building on number 14. The unique courtyard includes an arcade and a staircase tower.

Huis Snellen was split into two buildings in 1694. These types of buildings were often modernized by adjusting the gable on the front. Both these buildings were plastered and decorated with a cornice during the nineteenth century. The plaster was usually necessary. The window openings were no longer in the right place after the split so they used plaster to hide the bricked up windows.

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Catharinastraat 14-16
4811 XH Breda

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