Veemarktstraat 40

Veemarktstraat 40

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Veemarktstraat 40

Back in the thirteenth century the lord of Breda was giving out plots. ‘Den Backhoven’ was built on one of them. It’s likely that this building was made of wood with a brick cellar and oven. The building was lost in the big fire of 1534 with only the cellar remaining. After this, a small stone house was built onto the cellar. Over the years, an extra floor was built and the outside of the house was decorated to fit the style of Breda’s characteristic architecture.

Real shopping streets and adjacent shop fronts arose in the city center of Breda at the end of the nineteenth century. Most of these shop fronts have now been replaced by modern shops. However, a few of these traditional shopping fronts still remain on the square between the Sint Janstraat and the Veemarktstraat. The one on Veemarktstraat 40 is the most remarkable with its neo-renaissance style decorations and heavy cornice.

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Veemarktstraat 40
4811 ZG Breda

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