Waalse church (Monuments route)

Waalse kerk (Monumentenroute)

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  • Waalse kerk (Monumentenroute)
Waalse church (Monuments route)

The Waalse Church was originally built as the Sint Wendelinus Chapel. The admiration for this saint who is mostly known in Germany was probably brought to Breda by the Nassau family.

Johanna van Polanen, wife of Engelbrecht I van Nassau, intended to build a monastery in 1440. They started building the chapel but Johanna van Polanen sadly passed away in 1445 and the monastery was never finished. However, several years ago two gothic arches were discovered in a wall between the Begijnhof and the adjacent building on Catharinastraat 87, originating from the same period as the Wendelinus Chapel. Although the form and size seem compatible with the monastery, it isn’t certain whether they were built at the same time.

Another remarkable discovery was a late gothic wooden door that was found when the chapel was being restored in the blocked doorway to the Begijnhof. An image of the Holy Catharina can be seen in the middle of the door.

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Catharinastraat 83b
4811 XG Breda


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