20 September 2018

Discover the real Breda in Stedelijk Museum Breda

Since its opening in 2017, Stedelijk Musem Breda has become one of the places that shouldn’t be missed in Breda. The director of the museum, Dingeman Kuilman, was willing to tell us why the museum is so special. We also got him to reveal his favourite piece in the museum’s collection.

Dingeman Kuilman has worked hard to put the Stedelijk Museum Breda on the map since he became the director. Him and his team started multiple projects, working with local citizens and artists. This means that the museum now shows works by Breda’s most interesting artists. Furthermore, the museum’s constantly collaborating with NHTV and the city’s art school Kunstacademie St. Joost, showing the newest artworks by young artists and recent graduates, like in the recent group show ‘Wij, de kunstenaars van Breda deel II’.

Connected to Breda

The Stedelijk Museum Breda attempts to be anything but a standard museum. You’ll notice this on your way in. You can feel the physical connection to the city because throughout the museum there are several different windows, created to give you the chance to observe the streets around the museum.

A truly special piece? “In my opinion that’s ‘Kwatta Triptiek’”, Kuilman says. “This triptych was created by one of the best goldsmiths in the Netherlands, gifted to the museum by Kwatta’s employees, which used to be an important and successful factory in Breda. It’s actually completely unique and weird, maybe even absurd, as a work of art. In this piece, the worlds of industry and religion and the relations between labourers and directors all come together. And on top of that it’s incredibly beautiful. I could look at it endlessly.”

Historical and digital

The museum includes pieces from all important cultural periods that Breda has experienced, like pieces from the Middle Ages or the Renaissance. On top of that, there is a large collection of fine art. Both artworks from the nineteenth century, as well as contemporary art, like digital art. Definitely not a stuffy museum!

The museum isn’t that big which, in this case, is a good thing. “Within an hour and a half, you can really discover the city”. Then you can have a look in the project space, NEXT, showing ten different projects a year. This varies from artworks created by local artists to projects including refugees or schools. Also good to know: the space is free to all visitors!

An idea of Breda

According to Kuilman, the museum definitely shouldn’t be missed. “If you want to get an idea of what kind of city Breda is, you have to start with our museum. This way, through admiring beautiful objects and paintings, you’ll get an accurate idea of the city’s history. It’s like killing two birds with one stone.”