20 September 2018

Electron: Breda’s cultural hotspot

Having a nice lunch with a good coffee. Doing some work on your laptop in one of the comfortable sofas or chairs. All of this whilst admiring (or even buying) beautiful art pieces. This is Electron. We spoke to Lisette Spee, one of the first artists working in Electron, and asked her why Electron is one of Breda’s hotspots.

Electron is a place for artists as well as the public”. There are over 60 professional artists and designers in its building in the upcoming area Belcrum. Its generous and low-key atmosphere make Electron a very accessible place for everyone, bringing the audience and the maker closer together. “The gallery café makes it such a special place for visitors. You can admire and buy artworks, but you can also just come for a coffee or have a bite to eat.”

Belcrum’s living room

Not long ago, Electron was a building housing different cultural organisations that weren’t just isolated from each other, but also from the general public. This has completely changed. The public is very welcome now. The artists call themselves ‘artistic hosts’, and it’s true. “The artists’ building has become a living room to Belcrum, where everybody feels welcome but is also challenged and inspired.”

Breda’s pride

on was created by artists from Breda, so walking around here, you can feel a sense of pride. “We have an excellent art school, and it’s good to be able to show that.” Not the entire building is accessible, to give the artists some peace and quiet. However, you can enjoy their work by watching them work in the ‘maker’s hall’, where artists can work on pieces that are too big for their studio spaces.

Having a peek at the studios

Would you still like to have a chance to see the artists’ studios? They organize studio tours. These tours are done in small groups and show you around the studio spaces. This way you can learn more about each artwork, why it’s made and how. “We want to teach the public about the modern artists, no longer just doing oil painting on a canvas, but also creating worlds using Augmented Reality in games. Within these worlds, he creates more art. Another artist makes films or specific graphic animations. Another one works within the medium of photography. We’ve got a wide range of artists here.”