20 September 2018

Revealing the unknown: undiscovered spots in Breda

When you’re visiting a new city, it’s easy to just follow the tourist trail and see all the sights. However, venturing off the beaten path can be a great experience, discovering special places that aren’t crowded or finding spots that you’ve, unknowingly, walked past a million times. We’re revealing a couple of these hidden gems.

Lutherse Kerk

You’ve probably walked past here several times without noticing: there’s a church hidden between the Veemarktstraat and the Stadserf! Beneath the Lutherse Kerk, there’s an underground kitchen, the crypt, which was built in 1426 (!) and even survived the big fire that destroyed parts of the city in 1534.

Veemarktstraat 11




Right in the middle of the upcoming area Belcrum, there’s an area of unused land filled with colourful shipping containers, tents and trucks. At first sight you might not realize what you’re looking at or walk past it without noticing. But once you enter the field you’ll notice there’s a lot to see. The terrain, also called STEK, is a hub for artists and other creatives. At STEK, there are studios, shops, workshops, galleries and office spaces.

Veilingkade 9



Willem Merkxtuin

An oasis of peace in the middle of the city? It sounds too good to be true… Yet in Breda, you can find a green oasis like that. This beautiful garden is also filled with impressive art! The Willem Merkxtuin is situated behind the former royal houses, named after the former mayor Willem Merkx. This spot is easy to miss, but there are to entrances: the gate next to Eetcafé Publieke Werken in the St. Annastraat and the gate between Catharinastraat 24 and 26.

Entrance through the gate on St. Annastraat 12 and the gate between Catharinastraat 24 and 26

undiscovered spots Breda


Brouwerij Sint Joris

It’s not a secret that Breda is a city that loves its beers, being home to several breweries. Yet, not many people know that there’s a brewery in a medieval basement, right on the Grote Markt. Below De Boterhal, you’ll find Brouwerij & Proeflokaal St. Joris. Both in De Boterhal and in the brewery itself you can enjoy beer straight from the tank!

Grote Markt 19

Brouwerij St Joris


Grand Theatre

It might not be technically hidden, but it’s not an eye catcher: walking around the Van Coothplein you’ll see mostly restaurants, coffee shops and cafés. But those looking a little more intently might notice something else: the old theatre. In this theatre you won’t find any films or plays, but it’s the place to go if you’re looking for that perfect book to read. If you’re feeling tired you can also stay here for some lunch or enjoy a good cup of coffee.

Van Coothplein 17b

Grand Theatre