City walks Breda

19 September 2018

The 5 best city walks around Breda

There’s no better way to get to know a city than walking through it. Therefore, we’ve chosen five great, themed walks around Breda. Don’t forget to look up once in a while; Breda is filled with the most beautiful architectural facades.

Historical Kilometre

Did you know Breda has a special connection with the Dutch royal family? Or that there’s an authentic Nassau castle in the middle of the city centre? The book The Historical Kilometre teaches you all about the history of Breda during your walk around the city centre. By the way, every last Saturday of the month, and during holidays, this walk is done in a group, led by a VVV-guide. This is very special as the guide can show you places you wouldn’t normally be allowed in.

Blind Walls Gallery

The Blind Walls Gallery is a continually growing open-air museum. Street Art made by both Dutch and international artists in more than seventy places around Breda. An interesting fact is that each wall painting has a background story, all to do with the history of Breda. Take a walk around the artworks in the city centre, or cycle around and see artworks in the surrounding areas as well.

Visit or download the app to find out more about each location, painting, artist and story.

Shops & Funroute

‘Shop ‘till you drop’ is definitely possible in Breda. The Shop & Fun route takes you along all the best, hippest shops of the city. There are two different routes; one across the city centre and one starting in the nice area Ginneken, leading you back towards the city centre. This way, you won’t miss a single shop.

Hip Ambacht – the nine streets of Breda

Back in the day artists and artisans used to work in the area around the Castle of Breda, in the middle of the city. To be near the rich citizens of the castle was the perfect opportunity to make some money then. Still, Breda’s city centre is home to delicate craftsmanship, with small companies where talented craftsmen are creating beautiful things. The route Hip Ambacht will take you along all the must-see craft shops. Like fashion designer Olga Buijse of L’Ago B, Mirjam Zwolsman’s bag studio or the laser cutting at Brandpunt. And not to forget: try some of the homemade cakes at Van Haaren!

Breda AR Stadstour

Bring Breda’s historical locations to life on your own smartphone with the Augmented Reality technique. It will bring new life into old stories and it’ll open doors that would normally stay shut. For example, take a look at the catacombs below the Town hall or relive the mischief of the Tur ship at the Spanjaardsgat.

A good way to discover the city, alone, with your partner, or with the whole family. Let your smarthphone take you on a trip to discover the history of the city. Download the Breda AR Stadstour app for free in the Google Play store and App store.

Guides that include a map of the route can be bought at the VVV-shop.