19 September 2018

Fun activities for the whole family


You’re in Breda with your child and you feel like doing something fun. Luckily there’s plenty of options. The historical city centre, nice atmosphere and variety of kids activities make Breda into a true playground for children. We selected ten fun things to do in Breda for the whole family, both on sunny and rainy days.

Stedelijk Museum Breda

The city museum of Breda will show you all the historical and cultural stories of the city. A variety of exhibitions bring the art and history of Breda to life. Especially families will find some great activities here. Like the ‘Kunstkijkpuzzel’ (literally ‘looking at art puzzle’), which includes giving kids between the ages of 4 and 7 a map to teach them to see what each sculpture belongs to. Want to do something with the whole family? The Nassauwalk is a treasure hunt both in the museum as well as around the city centre.

Boschstraat 22

Stedelijk Musem



Is there a real daredevil in your family? Or do your kids have a crazy amount of energy that needs to be released? For the most daring kids, there’s Lot66, offering a variety of in and outdoor activities. Go-kart racing, laser tagging, climbing, bowling and lots more; there are plenty of activities here.

Mijkenbroek 27



De Uitvindfabriek

In the old sweets factory ‘De Faam’, kids learn about inventions in a creative way. Apart from several movies, there’s also some creative workshop to let the kids try things out themselves. For instance, there’s the option to make an African musical instrument out of garbage materials, or making a tiger for the circus. Do your children prefer technical activities? Then they could, amongst other things, record a film in the ‘Green Screen studio’ or experiment with a 3D-pen.

Terheijdenseweg 64

De Uitvindfabriek


Happy Station

Did someone say Playmobil? At Happy Station you’ll see an abundance of this cheerful toy. With a surface of over 300 square metres, there are several landscapes, cities and scenes to admire, everything made out of Playmobil. There’s also the possibility for kids to create their own things with Playmobil.

Gravinnen van Nassauboulevard, pand 36

Happy Station


Reptielenhuis De Aarde

Have you always wanted to know more about crocodiles, turtles and other reptiles and amphibians? At this reptile house, children can learn everything about the world of these special animals. The real daredevils can even hold a living snake.

Aardenhoek 26

Reptielenhuis De Aarde


Cross Jumps Breda

The jumping sensation for everyone. Cross Jumps is a playground paradise with adjacent trampolines all over. You can be sure that your kids will be having lots of fun in here. Parents are encouraged to have a go as well by the way. An active day out for the family indeed!

Liniestraat 21




Are you also coming to the playground? This indoor playground is filled with fun play sets for kids to climb on. Furthermore, there are loads of secret alleys to be found and the kids can enjoy themselves on the big trampolines. Climbing fun for kids between 1 and 12 years old!

Tramsingel 48

Monkey Town


Park Valkenberg

This green park in the middle of Breda is the ideal place to relax for children. Kids can use up their energy here by running around or playing football. Is it a sunny day and time for a snack after all these activities? Consider having a nice picnic with the whole family.

J.F. Kennedylaan

Park Valkenberg


Discovering Breda’s treasure

This historical children’s treasure cover the entire city centre of Breda. Somewhere in the city there’s a hidden treasure that was left by pirates. Led by a guide, the search for the treasure starts and Breda’s history is revealed.

Willemstraat 17-19

Cruise on the canals (Rondvaart over de Singels)

Discover Breda from the water. From Breda’s harbour, several cruises depart onto the canals of Breda. Children can learn surprising facts about Breda and observe the city from a different perspective: the water! An extra bonus: free entry for children up to 4 years old.

Harbour of Breda