Petting zoos Breda

20 September 2018

Petting zoos in Breda


Combining children and animals is almost always a good idea. In Breda, there are two big petting zoos (Wolfslaar and Breda Noord) as well as two smaller ones. These petting zoos are great places for children to have fun outside, play with the goats and help care for the animals. Here’s a description of each of the petting zoos.

Boerderij Wolfslaar

This petting zoo is situated on the stretched out estate Wolfslaar. Here, you’ll find farm animals such as sheep, cows, goats, pigs, chickens, a donkey and many more. The information points educate you and your children about all the different breeds. In addition to this, they organize treasure hunts, sell farm products in their shop and teach you how to milk a (fake) cow.

Wolfslaardreef 95

Parkhoeve Breda Noord

Parkhoeve Breda Noord houses guinea pigs, donkeys, goats, cats, chickens, rabbits, sheep and pigs. Many of the animals are walking around freely, which means they can sometimes be a little cheeky. There’s a lot to learn about all the animals at Parkhoeve Breda Noord, during a treasure hunt or tour for example. The cozy Hoeve is a great place to have a drink or a toastie. Want to get sporty? There’s an 18-hole miniature golf course, just go for it!

Tussen de Dijken 101

Kinderboerderij Zandberg

Local citizens of Zandberg-west once started this small petting zoo. It houses goats, sheep, chickens, rabbits, guinea pigs and a pigeon. Furthermore, there’s a sand pit and a slide for the kids to enjoy themselves. The petting zoo is situated behind the Marijke Meustraat, with the entrance being next to the former puppet theater Muzipo on the Grazendonkstraat.

Marijke Meustraat / Grazendonkstraat

Kinderboerderij de Sik

The small petting zoo De Sik is situated in de Haagse Beemden, surrounded by historical estates. Apart from animals, there’s also a nice playground where kids can cross around on one of the mini-tractors or pushing cars. For the parents there’s a nice café with outside seating, a perfect place to wind down and have a drink.

Kesterendreef 14