Playgrounds in Breda

19 September 2018

Playgrounds in Breda


Are your children also overflowing with energy? Luckily, Breda has enough places for the little ones to release some of this energy. We’re recommending five of them.

Valkenberg Park Playground

The Valkenberg is a place for everybody. This used to be the closed off gardens of Breda’s castle, now it’s a city park where students, families with kids, and hikers all come together. In the company of chickens and geese, kids can enjoy themselves in the massive sandpit and on the playground.

Pres. Kennedylaan

Speeltuin Valkenberg


Play-forest de Boeverijen

In this part of the Mastbos (on the south side of Breda), for once you don’t have to stay on the roads. All the branches and tree trunks are left here so they can be used to build huts. Children can climb trees and play in the water. It might be a little muddy, but isn’t that fun!




Eetcafé de 7 Heuveltjes

Whilst your kids are having the time of their lives in the old-fashioned playground, you can have a seat outside and enjoy a drink at Eetcafé de 7 Heuveltjes. They even have a carousel! The 7 Heuveltjes is also situated right on the edge of the Mastbos, another great place for kids.

Galderseweg 27

De 7 Heuveltjes


Monkey Town

Is it raining cats and dogs but still need want to take the kids somewhere fun? This indoor playground paradise Monkey Town might be the solution. Kids can jump, climb, run and slide, whilst you can keep an eye on them from the coffee corner.

Tramsingel 48

Monkey Town


Het Brakkenbos

In het Brakkenbos there are no swings or seesaws. There are branches, trees and water to climb on, play with and build huts. The entrance of this forest is right by the Texashoeve, Rietdijk 6.