Picnic-spots Breda

19 September 2018

The secret picnic-spots of Breda


When the weather starts getting better, you know the picnic season has started again. Breda is filled with forests and parks with plenty of secret picnic-spots. Here’s a few tips on where to find these hidden gems.

Park Valkenberg

This is the best place for a picnic in the inner city of Breda. Whether you prefer sitting in the sun or shade, there are plenty of spots to pick from. The big pond is the eye catcher of the park, and the perfect place for your kids to enjoy themselves in the playground.

Stadspark Valkenberg

Complete your perfect experience of a day in the Mastbos by bringing a picnic. This big forest near the city offers many benches and picnic tables to enjoy a break after a hike. Enjoy the view on the lake whilst devouring that apple you brought. In the play-forest kids can run around and enjoy themselves freely.




Taking a well-deserved break during a hiking or cycling trip is accompanied by a fantastic view at the Markdal. This area between Breda and the Belgian border with a meandering stream, has some excellent picnic-spots. Find the right place with that perfect view, unfold your rug and enjoy your own cup of coffee and cheese sandwich.




Right outside the city centre you’ll find the Wilhelminapark. This big park, with its two ponds, is seen by many students as the perfect lunch spot. Apart from this, the park is known among locals as the park with the tank. This because there’s an old German tank placed on the corner of the park, which was gifted to the city by Poland in 1945.



Park Sonsbeeck

This old park, named after the old mayor, is known for its varying landscapes. The park consists out of nine parts, ranging from playground to English garden. It’s the perfect place for people that love the outdoors and a nice place to have an afternoon or evening picnic. During summer there are food trucks in the park as well.

Sonsbeeck Park