VR Lab Breda

20 September 2018

VR Lab Breda: a world of possibilities


Flying to Cuba, Milan or New York in half an hour. Planting a flag on the moon. Diving into Breda’s canals or flying like a bird. And doing all this whilst sitting in a comfortable chair? Virtual Reality has made all of this possible! We had a look at the VR Lab in Breda.

About five years ago, Paul Bartels started offering Virtual Reality. This ended up becoming VR Lab Breda a few years later, a place where friends and families can have a great day as well as get to know each other a little better. For instance, do you have an ultimate dream, or a great fear? There are multiple glasses to let you experience different activities. Balance on a plank to test your fear of heights, try the virtual escape room, fly like Spiderman or run like an insect between heads of lettuce.

VR as a learning method

VR is not just fun for recreational purposes. You can also learn a lot from it. “A few weeks ago, a big group of primary school students visited us as part of The Week of our Water. To make them aware of the environment’s influence on water, we let them swim in plastic waste. After, they came up between polar bears and melting caps in the Arctic. They won’t forget this, having seen it with their own eyes.”

Virtual experiences

Would you like to find out more about the city? The VR Lab has 360 different VR-glasses, with which you can have a look around Breda or go sailing. Furthermore, the lab is working on the new ‘TopOp Kids’ glasses, named after the foundation. This is a way for kids from the area that suffer from serious illnesses, or are bed-bound for other reasons, to still get the chance to experience different things or make their dreams come true.

The VR Lab, more than anything, is a place where you can experience things. A reservation will allow you to use the lab for at least an hour, under guidance, letting you try and see everything. Things that never seemed possible can be done here. “VR is purely about the experience. Seeing what something is like, without having to make an effort.”