Restaurant Wolfslaar

19 September 2018

Delicious dining outside Breda’s city centre


The city centre of Breda is bursting with cafés and restaurants, but there’s also more than enough good restaurants to be found in the surrounding areas. Here are some of our favourites.


In the former Koetshuis on the Wolfslaar’s estate, head chef Maarten Camps combines the best products of the region and vegetables grown in their own garden to create beautiful dishes. He invents fantastic flavour combinations like rhubarb with ginger or poached veal with celeriac purée and black truffle. This restaurant has had a Michelin star since 2005.

Wolfslaardreef 100-102

Restaurant Wolfslaar


‘t Jagthuijs

When you enter ‘t Jagthuijs, it’s obvious: this place has a history. On the menu you’ll find the classics like lobster and sweetbread as well as innovative dishes. According to the owners, their kitchen is distinguished by their “originality, craft, eye for innovation and untameable enthusiasm.” Sounds very promising.

Dorpsstraat 3, Ulvenhout

't Jagthuijs



This place has gone from being a clog-factory to a grocery, to being an intimate restaurant with the atmosphere of a living room. That is the reduced history of the manor house that the Stadstuin is housed in. De Stadstuin’s cuisine is French with a modern twist. The chef uses mainly Dutch and Belgian products, with many tasty additions from the North Sea. That earned the restaurant a Bib Gourmand. We recommend their homemade version of Vitello Tonnato.

Ginnekenweg 138



Salon de Provence

When you walk into this nostalgic ‘living room’-like restaurant, you’ll feel it: this is a great place! Literally, as the great seats are so comfortable they deserve to be mentioned. Head chef Jan van der Sluijs cooks organically and uses plenty of vegetables and herbs straight from their garden. The originally French cuisine hasn’t been solely French for a while now. The chef uses flavours from all over the world.

Ginnekenweg 172

Salon de Provence



The magic that is produced by chef Stefan Dirkx and his team is best compared to edible paintings. The basis of the dishes comes from the French cuisine, but influenced by flavours from all over the world. From the appetizers to the pralines that come with the coffee: everything is homemade on the Ginnekenweg in Breda.

Ginnekenweg 35




At the edge of the Mastbos one can find the Ruitersbosch: one of Breda’s real gems. The basis of this restaurant is the French cuisine, meaning classics like steak tartare and foie gras are naturally found on the menu. By the way, did you know that one of their guests recently found a pearl in his oyster?

Dr. Batenburglaan 111