Jan en Alleman

20 September 2018

Having a peek inside the restaurant Jan en Alleman


Within three years time, Jan en Alleman has become an integral part of Breda. It’s a lovely lunch café that serves delicious food in a homely atmosphere. But what is it that makes Jan en Alleman so special? And why is it a place you definitely shouldn’t miss? We went and found out!

Jan en Alleman was opened three years ago by Fabian and his wife Harmke. Not only were they just extremely passionate about their love of food, they also wanted to do something special. Something original and a bit different from the places that are already out there. That’s how Jan en Alleman came to be: great lunch served by great staff, for everybody!

Pleasurable work

At Jan & Alleman, the focus isn’t on their interesting staff. They want to show that these youngsters more than deserve their place in society. And they do a great job. They are part of the staff and help doing all sorts of jobs: grocery shopping, cleaning, doing the dishes or cooking the meals. It adds something very special to the café. “I’m never dreading to go to work”, says Fabian. “When I come in, everybody gives me a hug.”

No day is the same at Jan en Alleman’s. Obviously, everybody’s working hard, but the staff also likes to joke around sometimes. Whether it’s surprising each other with water balloons or helping each other with difficult jobs. “When somebody is carrying a full tray, someone will say ‘go ahead, I’ll be right behind you’. It’s nice to see these things growing more and more over the years.”

Local collaborations

But what is Jan en Alleman’s specialty? “Well, cooking food!” The menu is filled with interesting dishes like sticky chicken or a ‘smoor’ sandwich. Everything is prepared from scratch here. The cooks do everything themselves, like breaking down, marinating and cooking the chicken. Furthermore, they use local produce. Vegetables from the market and De Hoeve, Lamers’ tea and apple pie made by the Klooster, where the staff also includes people that often struggle to find jobs.

Jan en Alleman: both business and private

The best thing about working with an interesting personnel? “Both business and private, the lines have become blurry. Every summer we shut for three weeks. When we were on holiday, I’d get messages from them, sharing their meals, pictures, ideas for the restaurant etc. That’s what it’s about at the end of the day”. And the staff seems to feel the same. The open-minded atmosphere, the great food and the sociable vibe: everything about this place makes it worth a visit.