Lunch in Breda

19 September 2018

The best places for lunch according to Breda’s locals


Imagine, you’re out shopping or having a cycle and you feel like having some food in Breda, but you don’t know where to go. The best tips are always those given by the local citizens, so we went out onto the street to ask the ‘Bredanaars’ about their favourite lunch spots.


This is lunch on a prime location. During your shopping day, Zeezicht is the perfect place to rest your legs in the comfortable seats. With a view of the Grote Markt, this is a lovely spot to enjoy a delicious Zeezicht-salad and a cup of fresh mint tea. In case you’re left wanting more, try their ’12-uurtje’: a classic Dutch dish, literally meaning a ’12-o’clock’.

Ridderstraat 1



In Kannen & Kruiken

In this café one instantly feels at home. The female owners aim to provide their guests with pure and honest food. Ask them for advice and they’ll serve you their special IkIk’s vegan club with a soy cappuccino.

Veemarktstraat 45

In Kannen en Kruiken


Tante Betsie

Like visiting your grandma. Tante Betsie takes you back in time en lets you enjoy a carefree, deliciously fresh lunch. The atmospheric living room is filled with interesting knick knacks that are up for sale as well. Tip: order the soft ragout pastry.

Sint Janstraat 16a

Tante Betsie

Super Sandwich

Their slogan ‘not just any sandwich’ is a good indication. This sandwich shop is well known amongst the people in Breda. Their spicy chicken sandwich is particularly popular amongst scholars, students and businessmen. At the counter there’s two lovely women, wearing aprons saying ‘Jut’ and ‘Jul’, preparing the tastiest sandwiches with love.

Ginnekenweg 2B & Minervum 7160

Super Sandwich


De 7 heuveltjes

This is the perfect place for a break after a long cycle along the Markdal or a hike around the Mastbos. De 7 heuveltjes has a lunch menu with something for everyone; A classic Dutch ‘uitsmijter’ (toast with fried eggs, ham and cheese), a ‘12’oclock’ (consisting of three slices of bread with a variety of toppings) or the good old toastie. It’s a nice place to relax whilst the kids can enjoy themselves in the playground.

Galderseweg 27

De 7 Heuveltjes


Jan en alleman

When you walk in here you’ll instantly get a smile on your face. The team of young adults that suffer from mental disabilities will enthusiastically prepare you a fantastic lunch here. Insider’s tip: employee Daan loves serving the delicious Jan Mixed Plank DELUXE.

Sint Janstraat 22

Jan en Alleman


Eetlokaal Zin

Mother Annemieke and daughter Lieke felt like cooking for others. So they opened Eetlokaal Zin, where they serve original lunch dishes. Tip: order the Tom Kha Kai (Thai chicken soup) or ask for the Zin sandwich.

Ginnekenweg 315

Eetlokaal zin



PuiCK is a little different, but terribly nice. Chesterfield sofas, different-sized tables and chairs, lots of plants and a relaxed atmosphere. Varying from pita breads to spring rolls or flatbread, at PuiCK you’re guaranteed a special and yummy lunch.

Veemarktstraat 56