How to get to Breda

It’s so easy to travel to Breda! Situated right by the A16, A27 and A58, with plenty of parking facilities, two train stations and an extensive bus network, the city is easily accessible. We’ll guide you


There’s paid parking on the public road in large parts of the city center, the Belcrum/Liniekwartier/Drie Hoefijzers area and in the Ginneken neighborhood. This map will give you an overview of all (paid) parking possibilities in Breda with varying prices, including the current availability.

Paid parking hours in Breda
  • City centre:
    *Mon – Sat 9.00-22.00
    *Sunday 12.00-18.00
  • Ginneken, Koolwijkpark and the so-called ‘walking streets’ (Boschstraat, Nieuwe Haagdijk, Haagdijk, Nieuwe Ginnekenstraat, Ginnekenweg, Van Coothplein, Wilhelminastraat and Viandenlaan):
    * Mon – Sat 9.00-18.00
    * Sunday 12.00-18.00
    * Shopping nights 9.00-22.00.
  • Belcrum:
    * Mon – Sat 9.00-20.00.
  • Linie:
    * Mon – Sat 9.00-18.00
    * Sunday 12.00-18.00.
  • Drie Hoefijzers Zuid:
    * Mon – Sat 9.00-18.00

It’s no longer necessary to place a parking ticket behind the window, you can enter your license plate number on the payment machine. The inspector scans the license plate of the parked car and can see whether it’s been paid for. More information can be found on Gemeente Breda’s website.

First fifteen minutes for free

In Boschstraat, Korte Boschstraat, Haagdijk, Nieuwe Haagdijk en de Nieuwe Ginnekenstraat, Speelhuislaan (21 to 107 uneven numbers and 2 to 120 even), Speelhuisplein, Pastoor Pottersplein (3 to 31 uneven and 44 to 48a even)

How does it work?

You enter your license plate number on the payment machine, which registers your free parking time for the parking officer. If you’re parked for longer than 15 minutes, you don’t pay for the first 15 minutes. This is processed by the machine automatically. The new machines accept payments by card and contactless as well as cash.
With mobile parking the free minutes are also processed automatically.

Openbaar vervoer

Met het openbaar vervoer is Breda zowel per trein als per bus goed bereikbaar. Plan uw route met het openbaar vervoer in of naar Breda met Of bel 0900-9292.

  • Arriva provides the local bus transport in Noord-Brabant as Bravo (Brabant Vervoert Ons).
  • Breda can easily be travelled to by bus. Have a look here for more information about the timetables in Breda.
  • It’s no longer possible to pay with cash on buses in Brabant.
  • There’s an Arriva information desk in the OV-service shop in Breda’s Central Station where you can go if you have any more questions or if you want to buy a ticket with cash.
  • For € 3.00 you can buy a ‘Stadskaartje’ (‘City ticket’) which will let you travel on the bus around Breda as much as you want on Saturday and Sunday.

Breda is also connected to the Flix Bus intercity bus network. From Breda there are buses going to Antwerp, Brussels, Tilburg and Den Bosch. More information about timetables and tickets can be found on

  • Apart from Breda’s Central Station, there is the Breda-Prinsenbeek Station.
  • Information about timetables, tickets and offers can be found on the NS website.
  • Central Station is connected to the InterCity Direct. This fast train only stops in Rotterdam CS, Schiphol Airport and Amsterdam Central. This train uses the high-speed railway line. Traveling to Schiphol Airport from Breda only takes 52 minutes on the Intercity Direct. There is no longer an extra fee when traveling from Breda to Rotterdam. Additional fees for other journeys can be paid on the platform, at the OV-shop in the station or at the ticket machines.