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19 September 2018

A passion for the printed page: 6 bookshops in Breda


E-readers, mobile phones and tablets: books almost seem to be vanishing from society. However, sometimes there’s nothing more pleasing than letting yourself be entirely absorbed by a book. Luckily there are many shops in Breda that will please a true bookworm. We’ve listed a few of Breda’s bookshops.

Libris Boekhandel Buitelaar

Imagine you’re shopping in Breda and all of a sudden you remember you wanted to find a book as well. In the middle of the Grote Markt there’s a bookshop called Libris Boekhandel Buitelaar. You couldn’t wish for a better location. This shop is known amongst locals for its great service. Just visiting Breda for the day and want a souvenir? This place also sells postcards.

Grote Markt 11



Grand Theatre Boekhandel & Lunchroom

A bookshop in a former theatre might not be the most logical combination that comes to mind. But it’s what makes Grand Theatre Boekhandel & Lunchroom so special. In this beautiful building you’ll find things like kids books, literature and hobby and history books. Got some spare time and need a break? Have a seat in the lunchroom and enjoy a cup of tea.

Van Coothplein 17B

Grand Theatre Boekhandel


Ezelsoor Bredase Boekenmarkt

Ezelsoor has been an integral part of Breda since 1983. Like searching for peculiar, old books? Definitely pay a visit to Ezelsoor. The range of books includes second-hand, antiquarian and publishers’ leftovers. Don’t have time to look around all the books as thoroughly as you’d like? You can also order them online.

Veemarktstraat 52-54

Ezelsoor Boekhandel


De Stripspecialist

Does your heart start racing every time you see anything to do with comics? Or games? De Stripspecialist might be just the place for you! This shop has been around in Breda’s city centre for about 25 years now. When you enter the store, you’ll be overwhelmed by the amount of comics and action heroes around you.

Boschstraat 68

De StripSpecialist


Latte’s and Literature

It’s all in the name: At Latte’s and Literature you can browse whilst enjoying a delicious coffee or tea. Cookbooks, games or English literature? Anything can be found in this relaxed bookshop, offering a wide range of genres. If you’re getting hungry after your search for some beautiful pages, treat yourself to a delicious and fresh sandwich or a piece of cheesecake.

Nieuwstraat 18

Latte's and Literature


De Vrije Boekhandel

Are you a real bookworm? De Vrije Boekhandel will give you an instant feeling of joy. The walls filled with books up to the ceiling, full tables; you’ll easily spend a few hours here. The collection of cookbooks and travel books is very extensive. There’s also a range of books that’ll teach you all about the history of the Netherlands. It’s got its name, the ‘free bookshop’ for a reason: they are free to decide everything they sell. This means there’s a much wider range than a standard bookshop would offer.

Veemarktstraat 40

De Vrije Boekhandel