Sustainable shops Breda

19 September 2018

Shopping responsibly in Breda: 5 tips


Sustainable cafes, shops and supermarkets: it’s almost impossible to imagine the city without them. More and more people are trying to live their lives consciously. If you’re looking to do some ‘green’ shopping, Breda will easily please you. We’re recommending 5 eco shops in our city!

Butchery De Groene Weg

A lot of people think living consciously or organically means to quit eating meat. De Groene Weg likes to show a different approach. This butchery only sells organic meat: ‘Honest and delicious’. They don’t sell exclusively meat by the way, offering an increasing amount of other organic products like organic wines.

Ginnekenweg 1

Groene Weg



A shop filled with sustainable brands: that’s INGAR. Both the web shop and the store in Breda sell sustainable clothing and accessories. The good thing about the store is that it offers an exclusive range of sustainable and/or handmade products made by (local) entrepreneurs. Plenty of sustainable and special items!

Sint Annastraat 21




Organic coffee, organic bread and homemade cake. Sounds good right? Everything in the shop is for sale and made or collected with care, meaning no mass-production or exploitative production abroad. Here, you can have peace of mind when shopping for some nice things.

Ginnekenweg 26



ReShare Store

The Salvation Army started ‘ReShare’ in 2006: a way to collect and reuse clothing and textiles. This way, less clothing and shoes end up in incinerators. On top of that, the full price you pay is donated to the Salvation Army’s charity. Helping people whilst shopping, what more could you want?

Markendaalseweg 50



Anna van Toor

When you walk through Anna van Toor’s doors you’ll feel good instantly. A spacious, light store, filled with beautiful pieces of clothing, made from the finest fabrics and materials. On top of that, Anna van Toor has been a member of the Fair Wear Foundation (FWF) since 2013, an independent, non-profit organisation, aiming to improve working conditions in the clothing industry. As a member, she is taking full responsibility for her means of production. A beautiful place to buy your clothes.

Karrestraat 13

Anna van Toor