Hof van Overveld

21 September 2018

The secret behind the ‘Hof van Overveld’


Right outside Breda, in the area surrounding Prinsenbeek, you’ll find the Hof van Overveld. Here, you can wander around the corn maze, play miniature golf with a clog at the end of your stick and enjoy a game of boules. Want to stay the night? There’s a cozy, mini campsite.

Corn maze

Corrie and Piet Mathijssen are the owners of this great place. They used to keep a market garden here and process vegetables, but as business seemed to be declining, they decided to come up with a different way of generating an income. That’s how this peculiar corn maze came to be. The idea came about coincidentally, Piet: “We had lots of corn plants and one of the kids on the terrain asked whether they were allowed to play in the maze. This little guy gave me the idea and the next year, now twenty years ago, we built the first real maze of the Netherlands.”

Corn mazes are not unique anymore, but the size of the Hof van Overveld is rare, with its surface of over three hectares (more than three soccer fields) and about 380.000 corn plants. Every year, Corrie and Piet think of a different theme for the maze. From the second week in July, when the plants are about 2,75 metres high, the maze is open to the public. In the maze, you’ll be looking for letters that need to be put in the right order so you can form a word at the end of your search.

Boules and golf

The Mathijssen family have expanded their activities even more in recent years. Ultimately, they already had the space, the campsite’s sanitary facilities and a place to have a drink. They decided on boules and miniature golf. There’s the possibility to play boules both in and outdooors. The miniature golf has a farmer’s edge: the eighteen obstacles are spread across the pasture, which is about eight times the size of a normal miniature golf court, and you hit the ball with a clog that’s attached to the end of your stick. Hof van Overveld certainly honours its farmer’s origin.